Fresno Maternity and Newborn Photos

Fresno maternity photos

Fresno Maternity and Newborn Photos

Let me share with you the beautiful story of Ali and Andy. A couple whose love blossomed into parenthood, and the precious moments we captured during their journey. I had the pleasure of meeting them when I was invited to be the second photographer for their wedding. Little did we know that our paths would intertwine once again for their maternity and newborn photoshoots.

Ali and Andy’s maternity photoshoot took place at the breathtaking Millerton Lake. It was a sunny day, with a gentle breeze whispering through the field. As we walked along the golden path, Ali’s radiant smile lit up the entire scene. The love between her and Andy was palpable, their hands intertwined as they eagerly anticipated the arrival of their little one.

There’s something truly magical about capturing the beauty of pregnancy—the way a woman’s glow radiates from within, her body nurturing new life. Maternity photos allow us to freeze this fleeting moment in time, preserving the bond between parents and their unborn child. They serve as a precious memento of the anticipation, the excitement, and the overwhelming love that fills the hearts of expectant parents.

Check out my favorites from Ali and Andy’s Millerton Lake maternity photos

Fresno maternity photos at Millerton Lake
Fresno maternity photos at Millerton Lake by Ashley Norton Photography
Mother and father anticipate their baby's arrival in Fresno
Mother and father hold baby booties
Mother holds her pregnant belly at Millerton Lake
Fresno maternity photos
Fresno maternity photos at Millerton Lake
Fresno maternity photos by Ashley Norton Photography

When the time came for their newborn photoshoot, we switched gears and headed to their cozy home in Fresno. The atmosphere was filled with warmth and tenderness as we captured the first weeks of their son’s life. Ali and Andy gently cradled their newborn in their arms, their expressions a mix of awe and pure joy.

Newborn photos are incredibly significant; they portray the essence of a family’s new chapter. These tiny, delicate beings change so quickly, growing and developing in the blink of an eye. By capturing their early days, we can freeze these cherished moments—tiny fingers curled, peaceful slumber, and the bond between parents and their precious bundle of joy.

Scroll for a peak into Ali and Andy’s at-home newborn photos in Fresno

Fresno newborn photos
Baby opens his eyes in wander
Close up of baby feet in Fresno
Mother and father hold their son
Fresno newborn photos
Fresno newborn photos by Ashley Norton Photography
Newborn lifestyle photos in Fresno
Fresno newborn photos
Fresno newborn photos by Ashley Norton Photography

The beauty of maternity and newborn photography lies not only in the images themselves but in the emotions they evoke. They allow us to relive the love, joy, excitement, and pure tenderness that filled those moments.

Ali and Andy’s journey into parenthood is a testament to the significance of these photoshoots. Every image we took together preserves their love story—their anticipation, their connection, and the raw emotions that overflowed from their hearts. From the breathtaking backdrop of Millerton Lake to the intimate setting of their home, each location served as a canvas to weave their story.

I firmly believe that maternity and newborn photography are not mere snapshots but a celebration of life’s most precious miracles. They are a reminder that it’s the simple moments—the touch of a mother’s hand on her growing belly, the first cry of a newborn—that truly matter. These images become family heirlooms, passed down through generations, bringing joy and nostalgia to those who hold them dear.

Baby opens his eyes to the camera

Ali and Andy, I am incredibly grateful for inviting me to be your photographer. Thank you for trusting me to capture the beautiful journey of your growing family. It was an honor to witness and document the love and joy that filled our photoshoots. I’m so excited to continue capturing your family’s story, preserving the memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Searching for your Fresno maternity and newborn photographer?

As a photographer who values building genuine relationships with my clients, I am here to capture these moments of love and joy. Whether it’s a maternity shoot, the first smiles of a newborn, or the milestones that follow, I am dedicated to documenting your unique journey and ensuring that the images we create together reflect your story authentically.

If you find yourself expecting or are about to welcome your little miracle into the world, reach out to me. Let’s embark on this beautiful journey together, preserving the timeless beauty and profound love that fills these precious moments. Contact me here to begin the process!


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June 19, 2023



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