Mountain Elopement in Shaver Lake

Caralynn and Sam reached out to me a few days before their elopement to see if I was available. As fate had it – I was! We hopped on the phone quickly to discuss some details.

Elopement are a perfect option for you + your fiancé if you want your wedding experience to be a little more intimate, laid-back, and unique.

This elopement took place at Camp Edison, a campground along the shores of Shaver Lake. It ended up being one of my favorite sessions of the year! The beautiful shoreline, privacy, and scent of pine was the perfect backdrop for their elopement.

I was in the midst of my own wedding planning, and this elopement completely changed my mindset on weddings.

Their elopement day was authentic, natural, and organic in the best possible way. There were no big expectations, huge guests lists, or making everything Pinterest-worthy. It was Caralynn and Sam, some family members, their pups, a beautiful bouquet, and a gorgeous autumn evening on Shaver Lake.

We began with a First Look along the shoreline that their sweet pup very efficiently photo-bombed. He was just as excited as we were!

One reason I love First Looks is because it takes some of the pressure off the walk down the aisle and allows the couple to have a few moments together before the ceremony.

Because of their First Look, Caralynn even got to attach Sam’s boutonni√®re! And yes, I did need to use spell check on that one.

Soon it was time for their ceremony. Caralynn mentioned to me beforehand that she didn’t have too much experience with weddings. I assured her that everything looked absolutely beautiful. You can check out more of their ceremony below.

After a beautiful ceremony, Caralynn + Sam were officially married!

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned how this elopement changed how I see weddings. I was not exaggerating.

It is so easy to lose sight of why we want to be married in the first place because you get wrapped up in planning the “perfect” day. While social media like Pinterest and Instagram can be helpful in planning your wedding, they can also make it easier to get lost in comparisons and the “what ifs”.

Caralynn may not have been to many wedding before, but she knew exactly what should be at the center of most weddings: love, hope, and celebration.

After their bride/groom portraits, Caralynn and Sam decided to add a unique-spin to their elopement day by going for a little swim in their wedding attire. They took off their shoes and went for it!

After their swim, they found some towels and snuck in a few cuddles with their sweet pups.

Want to chat more about doing an elopement? Let’s connect here!

I can helping you with planning, picking locations, and more.


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October 7, 2021



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