How to Host the Perfect Bridal Shower

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Your friend is engaged + getting married and you get to plan the most amazing event to shower her with love! Being the hostess of a bridal shower is always an exciting and fun role, but can also be a challenging one. You need to make sure that everything is in order and that the guests and the bride will be well taken care of throughout the day.

So, if you are looking for the perfect way to plan a bridal shower and have the time of your life, you have come to the perfect place.

Take a look at these bridal shower steps that will guarantee pulling off an amazing party!

Choose a theme

The first step from this bridal shower planning guide is the theme. The idea could be as vague as you want it to be. The most important thing is to mimic the bride and her wishes. If you feel like a certain type of style is the best one, then, by all means, go for that! It also helps to consult with her about which theme she prefers.

If you’re totally lost on themes, you can always check out this blog post from Southern living for some ideas.

While having a theme for the bridal shower isn’t essential, it can be a fun way to add some personality into the celebration. The theme can coordinate well with things like invitations, decor, food options, party favors, and more!

Pick a venue

The second thing that you will need to take care of is the venue. Sometimes people are willing to host bridal showers at their homes, but if that isn’t an option then you can also choose venues like restaurants, country clubs, spas, or even neighborhood parks. The bride will likely have a preference on location, so make sure to ask for her opinion. Some important questions to keep in mind are:

Are you going to be inside or outside?

What season will it be?

Have you checked the weather for that specific day?

Will the venue fit the theme of the bridal shower?

Is there ample parking and space for everyone invited?

Is it convenient for everyone invited?

Prepare the guest list and send out invitations

Start by consulting with the bride about the guest list – who will be invited? Some prefer to keep it a much smaller, more private event while others want to share in the happiness with everyone.

Upon gathering all the names, prepare the final list for the bridal shower and make sure that everyone the bride knows and loves is invited. Make sure to send the invitations in a timely manner, at least 6-8 weeks out from the bridal shower, so guests are able to plan ahead and purchase their gifts if necessary.

You can check out this helpful post from Wedding Wire if you’re feeling totally lost on bridal shower invitation etiquette.

Decide on the food and drinks

This is another important aspect when you plan a bridal shower – naturally, you have to eat! Think about what the bride wants the most and focus on delivering that. If she is keen on finger sandwiches, then have a couple of different ones created. If she is after another specific type of food, then make sure to have it included too! I would advise adding unique deserts to spice up the theme. Also, including custom-tailored edible keepsakes will definitely elevate everyone’s mood!

Usually, these parties do include alcohol but this depends completely on the bride. Having an alcohol-free bridal shower is totally acceptable. For starters, think in terms of cocktails, champagne, or simply ask the bride what she prefers.

The ultimate bridal shower planning guide hack is to get the best dessert you can find! Some of my personal favorites are cakes, cupcakes, fresh fruit, macaroons, doughnuts, pastries, scones, and cookies.

You get bonus points if the dessert design matches the chosen theme, so have fun picking the perfect one!

The games

Modern-day bridal showers are known for the fun games to entertain guests at the party. Some of the more classic bridal shower games are bridal bingo, trivia, and mad libs. Games can be a perfect option to break the ice with guests who haven’t met, and kick off the celebration.

BRIDES has compiled an incredible list of bridal shower game ideas, ranging from the traditional newlywed trivia to making the best cocktail. Etsy also has a lot of different templates you can use to entertain guests throughout the event.

planning a bridal shower

Remember that this is just the starting point. As you organize and plan the bridal shower, you would like to do some things that will give off the feeling that the party is customized to the bride. She will be the happiest knowing that she has a friend that is as thoughtful and caring as you are.

If you’re interested in reading some other helpful wedding blogs on my page, head over to this link.


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