Snowy Shaver Lake Couples Photos

Snowy couples photos at Shaver Lake

This snowy couples session at Shaver Lake has been a long time coming.

I had been harboring a secret fear of driving in the snow for years. I grew up in the Central Valley, so snow isn’t super familiar to me. Driving in the snow was even more foreign to me. I did a short stint on ski patrol at a local mountain resort that gave me some knowledge, but I mostly just remembered all the medical parts.

I made it a goal to do a couple’s snow session this year.

And it happened! We were waist-deep in snow sometimes and absolutely froze, but it was so worth it. The glistening snow fall, emerald pines in the background, and warm sunlight radiating through the branches made up for any of the accidental falls into the snow. They just cozied up together to keep warm!

Snowy couples photos at Shaver Lake by Yosemite photographer
Snowy couples photos at Shaver Lake by Yosemite photographer Ashley Norton Photography

If you look closely enough, you’ll see that Megan here doesn’t have any goosebumps. We chose to go a little earlier in the day when the sun was still high and bright to keep everyone warmer.

To be clear, sunset is still my preferred time for a couple’s session.

The sun gives off amazing light at sunset, and you can move around the landscape much more freely. However, it also gets really cold right as the sun sets. Like really, really cold.

So we went earlier in the day, a few hours before sunset. I found a spot where the shade met the sun, and we stayed in that spot for an hour together. Would you be able to tell we stayed in one spot if I hadn’t told you? That’s the beauty of cropping and angles.

Snowy couples photos
Engagement photos at Shaver Lake
Anniversary photos at Shaver Lake snowy couples photos

We finished off their session with a little snow fight.

Snowy couples photos at Shaver Lake by Yosemite photographer Ashley Norton Photography

The snow at Shaver Lake should still be around for a few more weeks!

If you want to book your Shaver Lake snowy couples session, let’s chat here.

I started making GIFs for some of my session as well! You can see it below – just don’t ask me how to pronounce GIF.


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January 9, 2022



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