Downtown Fresno and Japanese Gardens Senior Photos

As a Fresno senior photographer, it’s important to me that my seniors feel like their session completely reflects their personality. You deserve no less! Graduation is a time to celebrate everything that you have accomplished after a dozen or so years of school. A senior portrait session is an incredible way to mark this milestone in your life. The photos will also give you the opportunity to share the excitement with your loved ones!

Check out some of my favorites from Lara’s Fresno senior photos below!

Lara has such a creative vision! She is a photographer herself, and had so many great ideas throughout the session. It was a blast getting to create something together that she could cherish for the next few years as she heads to UC Irvine.

Fresno senior photographer takes portraits in parking garage
Fresno senior photographer takes portraits in Downtown
California senior photographer takes portraits

We began Lara’s session on a rooftop in Downtown Fresno.

The clean, simple neutrals and gorgeous cityscape backdrop make this one of my favorite locations for portraits in the Fresno area! I love that when I look at these photos, Lara is what my eye is drawn towards. Sometimes the location, rather than the photography, you choose can have a bigger impact on how your photos turn out.

For example, a forest with pines, flowers, and changing leaf colors can make your photos turn out a little busier, or more full. In contrast, a more clean background like this rooftop will draw your eye right to the subject.

Lara chose two different locations – Downtown Fresno and the Japanese Shinzen Friendship Garden in Woodward Park. You’ll notice that her photos along the rooftop in Downtown Fresno have that cleaner, more simple look while her photos in the Shinzen Friendship Garden have a busier, more full look. One of the many advantages of booking an Adventure Collection is that you can choose two different locations for your session! This option gives you the opportunity to have entirely different looks in the same session.

Fresno senior photographer takes portraits in the Japanese Shinzen Garden at Woodward Park in North Fresno
Fresno senior photographer takes portraits in the Shinzen Gardens
Fresno senior photographer takes creative portraits at Woodward Park

Lara, thank you for allowing me to document such an exciting time in your life! It was truly an honor to work alongside you and your vision to make these happen. I wish you the best in your college adventures. I hope these photos were a fun momento to have as you pursue some big dreams!

If you’re looking for a photographer for your Fresno senior photos, you can get in touch with me here!


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May 2, 2022



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