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Fresno proposal by wedding photographer Ashley Norton Photography

There’s nothing quite as magical as capturing love stories, especially those that have been nourished and cherished over time. Let me share with you the story of Danielle and Rafael’s proposal, which took place in the heart of Fresno. This wonderful couple has been together for an impressive seven years, a testament to their unwavering devotion to one another. Danielle and I go a long way back, having known each other since our high school days. So, when Rafael approached me with his beautiful plan to propose, I was honored to be a part of their special moment.

Rafael’s proposal plan was breathtaking in nostalgia. He wanted to surprise Danielle by taking her back to the park where their love journey began seven years ago when they went on their first date.

As the day of his proposal came around, he arranged for a lovely picnic. They enjoyed their mealtime and the excitement built. With each moment, the air grew thick with anticipation.

That’s when Rafael pulled out a ring, ready to ask Danielle to spend forever with him. But, in a delightful twist, Danielle, seemingly impromptu and with a touch of humor, pulled out her own ring, along with an Uno reverse card! The joy and laughter in the park were infectious, capturing the essence of their passionate and playful relationship.

Check out some of my favorites from Danielle and Rafael’s Fresno proposal

Proposal by Fresno wedding photographer Ashley Norton Photography
Proposal by Fresno wedding photographer Ashley Norton Photography
A man proposes to his fiance at Fresno State
Engaged couple celebrate their proposal
Proposal by Fresno wedding photographer Ashley Norton Photography
Proposal by Fresno wedding photographer Ashley Norton Photography

As a photographer, I am blessed to witness and refashion these priceless moments of tender love. Danielle and Rafael’s love story proves that these candid, everyday moments add to an epic love story.

Engaged couple take engagement photos
Engagement photos at Fresno State
Engaged couple smiles at the camera
Proposal by Fresno wedding photographer Ashley Norton Photography
A man holds his fiance close
Proposal by Fresno wedding photographer Ashley Norton Photography
Proposal by Fresno wedding photographer
Proposal by Fresno wedding photographer Ashley Norton Photography

Danielle and Rafael, capturing the magic of your proposal was an experience that will forever hold a special place in my heart. I am so excited for the journey that lies ahead of you! Your love story is one for the ages, filled with laughter, adventure, and an unbreakable bond. I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

Engagement rings

Why hire a photographer to capture your proposal?

Hiring a photographer to capture your proposal is a beautiful investment that provides you with stunning photos of one of your love story’s most beautiful and intimate moments. Here are three reasons why you should consider hiring a professional photographer to capture your proposal:

  1. Capturing the Moment. A proposal is a moment that deserves to be captured in its purest form. Hiring a photographer ensures that you have a professional who can capture your emotions and reactions beautifully and the intricate details of the scenery and setting in which the proposal takes place.
  2. Quality Images. A professional photographer has the expertise and technical knowledge to create quality images that can be treasured and cherished for a lifetime. Professional photography ensures that the lighting, angles, and framing are ideal, and the images are of superior quality.
  3. A Lasting Memory. Having photographs of your proposal provides you with a lasting memory of a beautiful moment that signifies the beginning of a new chapter in your love story. The images created enable you to revisit the moment repeatedly, reliving the emotions and joy of that day.

Investing in a professional photographer to document your proposal is the perfect way to capture your love journey’s beautiful and intimate beginning. It ensures you receive high-quality, unforgettable images that you and your loved one will treasure forever.

Want to book a Fresno proposal photographer?

Feel free to send along this blog post as a little hint! You can also contact me to start talking about how we can capture such a beautiful moment in your lives.


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October 19, 2023



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