Romantic Wedgewood Fresno Wedding

Emily + Kyle were married on January 21, 2022, and it was definitely a day to celebrate!

They met for the first time in 2015 as music performance majors at a Fresno State Double Bass Masterclass. Emily’s senior recital was coming up soon, and Kyle had committed to attend Fresno State that fall.

It was not love at first sight!

They each thought the other was throwing dirty looks as they performed. In reality, they both have serious cases of RBF – “resting-bass-face”.

 It wasn’t until they sat next to each other in orchestra that fall that we finally became more friendly. In February 2016, they ran into each other in the hall on the way to a bass sectional and decided to grab a quick dinner before they went. After the sectional, they talked until almost 2:00am. They talked into all hours of the night for a few weeks before finally admitted something was there. They started dating in March of 2016 (almost a year to the date since they first met) and haven’t looked back since. ‚Äč

Since graduating from Fresno State, they are now both music teachers for the same school district. Emily teaches elementary music at 6 schools, and Kyle is director of orchestras for a middle and high school.

Orchestra brought them together, and music has remained a prominent part of their lives even to this day.

Emily is incredibly organized, and had all the details set aside for me and my second shooter as soon as we arrived. I send all of my couples a Wedding Guide that includes a list of all the wedding details I capture for you.

When my wedding clients inquire, they often ask how many hours of coverage I would recommend. It depends on the couple!

Emily + Kyle preferred to have photos of them getting ready.

I love telling stories through my photos. In their case, the getting ready photos set a beginning to their wedding day. You can feel the anticipation build as your scroll through their full gallery. While I don’t include all the photos in my blog posts, there were a few beautiful moments as Emily’s parents came in to see her and help. Now, when Emily + Kyle look back through their album, they get to reminisce on those moments as well.

Choosing more hours of coverage often means you’re getting more of these types of photos that help tell a story.

It can be getting ready, venue details, or even a First Look. The amount of photo coverage you want depends entirely on what you value most and want to remember from your wedding day.

Emily + Kyle also chose to do a First Look before their ceremony for their wedding!

The first look is when a couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day. It can happen more traditionally during the ceremony, as the bride walks down the aisle. It can also happen before the ceremony in a more intimate moment between the couple.

I love First Looks before the ceremony because they’re more intimate, and create more room in the wedding day timeline for all your family and wedding party portraits.

If you’ve done a First Look before your ceremony, it means you can take most of the formal posed portraits with family and friends before the ceremony since the couple has already seen each other. This allows some special time together after the ceremony, and lets you rejoin the party a lot faster.

Plus, the First Look during the ceremony is going to be special no matter what.

Another thing my couples often ask me is if they should include a second shooter in their package. The most common example I give is the ceremony.

A second shooter can allow you to get multiple angles of the same moment.

For example, I can get the groom’s reaction as his bride goes down the aisle, while my second shooter gets the bride’s reaction to seeing the groom on the alter.

For Emily + Kyle’s First Look, my second shooter and I were able to get two different perspectives using different lenses.

Emily + Kyle also got a head start on their bride + groom portraits, so they didn’t have to spend as much time on them after the ceremony.

These photos ended up being some of my favorites from their wedding!

We also made sure to get some solo bride + groom portraits.

In addition to a First Look, Emily + Kyle also chose to have a private vow reading.

Their venue had a beautiful treeline that we used for their family and wedding party portraits.

I go through a shot list with my couples before the wedding, so I had an exact list of the groupings that Emily + Kyle wanted for their wedding. My second shooter read off the list, and we finished in record time. But now before getting a few candid ones with their parents.

Time was moving fast, and soon it was time for the ceremony!

Emily + Kyle chose to have a string quartet at their wedding. It was extra special to them because their love of music created so many beautiful friendships.

They also included some of the engagement photos we took in King’s Canyon for decorations!

Emily + Kyle had an unplugged ceremony, which I always love.

They added in a “photo moment” at the beginning of their ceremony, where they paused, and let guests take phone camera photos of them at the alter. This let guests have their photos, and prevented phones from becoming a distraction in the photos.

After their ceremony, Emily + Kyle went off with us for just a few minutes from some sunset photos.

If there’s time in the schedule, I’m always a huge fan of sunset photos after the ceremony. I’ll let you see for yourself below why.

After the ceremony, it was time to party!

At the end of the reception, the DJ had Emily + Kyle come back to the dance floor for one last group dance.

It’s one of my favorite wedding reception traditions now!

This wedding was beautiful in every sense of the word.

Venue: Wedgewood Fresno

Photographer: Ashley Norton Photography

Videographer: Edgar Anthony Films

Hair + Make-Up Styling: Sierra Jane Studios

Officiant: Emma Chavez

Music: The Tower Quartet

Bakery: Barb’s Cakery

Check out this teaser video that Edgar Anthony Films created for Emily + Kyle! One of many reasons they are on the preferred vendors list that I send to all of my wedding couples.


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January 22, 2022



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